Dear SEEK Tutors, Learning Facilitators & Admin Staff,

The following short and simple online form has been created in order for you to very quickly and easily record those students who are absent from any workshops and/or tutoring labs during the SEEK Summer 2014 Program. Please fill out this form whenever you are aware of a student missing any required sessions. If you are aware of multiple students that are absent please kindly enter their information one student at a time; you will have an opportunity to return to this form after each submission. Thank you so much for your time, assistance and cooperation; I greatly appreciate it!

~Walter Valero, SEEK Tutor Coordinator / Program Manager

When filling out the following form please make sure to complete items with an asterisk as these are required. When finished please click on the "Submit Form" button. If your entry was successful you will be linked to a confimation page. If your submission was unsuccessful you will receive a Web page with an error message. If this happens simply click on your "broswer's back button" to return to the form.

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